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Loyality Membership Plan (Please click here for registration)

  Silver (1 Year)(1000/-) Gold (1 Year)(1500/-) Platinum (2 Years)(2000/-)  
Discount upto 50%YYY
Analysis ReportYYY
Complimentary Diet CounsellingNYY
Medicine ReminderYYY
Daily Consuming Reminder as per the scheduleNNY
Monthly Purchased ReminderYYY
Complementary Medicine PlanerNYY
Test ReminderNYY
Monthly (eg. Diabetic, Thyroid, Pt INR)NYY
Annual reminder for fit employeesYYY
Analysis of monthlyNNY
Analysis of annualNYY
Blood Pressure Monitoring analysisNNYNYN
Complementry BP InstrumentNNY
Consultation ReminderYYY
If you are suffering from some diseaseYYY
If our track/analysis show danger signalYYY
One complementary Teleconsultation by GM QuarterlyNNY
Electronic Record ManagementYYY
Analysis of past and future recordsYYY
Doctor ass. while visit any of the doctorYYY
Pathology record keep on adding by their uploading, if they go via Healthcrum directly it will be uploadedNYY
Diet plan as per the analysisNYY
Monthly diet plan analysisNNY
Monthly Health TipsYYY
Tracking of health & dietNNY
Health AssistantNNY
Critical Disease second opinion 2 complimentryNYY