9 DIY Drinks to Strengthen Your Immunity


Coronavirus is spreading across the world, As the saying goes “Prevention is better than Cure”. You can take it as protecting yourself rather waiting to get affected by it. So far, many health experts have suggested that the only way to fight off the virus is by strengthening your immune system. The stronger your immune … Read more

Daily Indian Foods We Should Avoid In Diabetes


What and what not to eat in Diabetes: People with diabetes juggles with a lot of concerns to keep their health in check. Diabetic patients are at constant risk of developing other diseases such as blindness, heart disease, amputation and kidney failure etc. Find out more about why treating diabetes matters. A balanced diet is … Read more

Cure Sore Throat At Home!

mint tea

A sore throat refers to itchiness or irritation in the throat. The primary symptom of a sore throat is a pain in the throat. The pain may get worse when you swallow food and liquids. Even if a sore throat isn’t serious enough to be a symptom of COVID-19, it still stings and may prevent … Read more

How Timely Meal Can Help Reduce Weight

timely meal

A plethora of nutritious meals with a combination of light physical activity is the key to a healthy lifestyle.   But in the bigger picture, we often unknowingly forget the key components that drive the maximum output from your diet i.e. time.   Something that we practiced during our school life but got too busy … Read more